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Up and Coming Trends: Room by Room

The new year brings forth feelings of excitement for what’s to come. With any luck, that usually involves a few home edits. This season, we’re featuring room-by-room inspiration to get the most out of every space in your home. Whether it’s a cozy bedroom or a room specifically made for movie nights, you’ll love these beautifully styled spaces.

up and coming design trendsDesign by HIBOU DESIGN + CO  Photography by MIKE CHAJECKI

Recreation Room: Expanded Viewing

The recreation room trend has truly become a hit, and for good reason. With more time being spent at home, there’s simply no excuse not to invest in a space where you can watch your favorite movies and shows in style. Get comfortable, pull out your warmest throw blankets, and get ready for an at-home viewing experience like no other!

From large televisions and projectors built into the ceiling to huge sectionals and mood lighting, the recreation room will quickly become a place of comfort and rest. While large furnishings and electronics may steer the design, touches of details like built-in cabinet storage, additional seating and throws, and knick-knacks will enhance the appearance of the room and make it feel more like home.

recreation room expanded viewingDesign by KALU INTERIORS  Photography by PROVOKE STUDIOS AND JULIE ROW

Bedroom: Accent Walls 

Characterized by striking colors, classic architecture, eye-catching wallpaper, or a combination of all three, accent walls are a hot trend that takes an otherwise modest room—the bedroom— from simple to stunning. And they do so incredibly quickly! Even the simplest accent wall can draw attention and pull the design in a specific direction, such as cozy, modern, or even farmhouse-style.

bedroom accent wallsDesign by MICHELLE BERWICK  Photography by LARRY ARNAL

Take it from us—a deep board and batten wall from floor to ceiling warms and balances a bedroom design and will further accentuate a stunning light fixture and heavy textures. On the other hand, a busy mixed-media wallpaper will shine when paired with simpler furnishings and décor, while still achieving a design full of personality and fun. For simpler, more neutral accent walls or for those who are looking to go in a different direction with the design, a bold color on the walls will do the trick. Paired with natural light and greenery, it’s impossible not to fall in love.

Kitchen: Colored Cabinetry

Known for being the heart of the home, the kitchen is a space that consistently delivers as a room worth investing in. This season, colored cabinetry has become one of the most popular upgrades. Not only can colored cabinetry create uniqueness and sophistication, but it can also ground and balance the room when bold neutrals are involved. Cabinet colors range from deep tonal hues to vibrant, bold offerings that are equally as trendy as they are elegant.

colored kitchen cabinetryDesign by REBECCA HAY Photography by STEPHANI BUCHMAN

Whether it’s deep blue-gray cabinets with brass knobs and pulls or a bold kitchen island that adds the pop of an unexpected hue, colored cabinetry has proven to be one of the hottest go-to trends for the upcoming year.

Laundry Room: Elevated Elements

An otherwise ordinary space, the typical laundry room begs for a bit of décor to complete its look. However, with a few elevated elements, it can be transformed into a space full of light where tasks that can’t be avoided can be completed. Washing and drying clothes, ironing, and making room for other items is quick and easy in a space that fits with the rest of the home. And who wouldn’t want to do laundry in a beautiful laundry room?

laundry room elevated elementsDesign by CYNTHIA SODA Photography by STEPHANI BUCHMAN

Increasing storage by adding beautiful cabinetry, fresh hardware, and polished lighting will do wonders for a laundry space. As a result of its functionality, this trend is on the move and is sure to last for years to come.

The Office: Built-in Storage

Storage is one of the most desired elements in today’s homes, particularly when it comes to home offices. Books, reference guides, and other literature serve their purpose, but where do they go when they need to be put away? Built-in storage is a solution that offers a straightforward approach, which is why it’s considered a top trend for office spaces this year.

built-in office storageDesign by MICHELLE BERWICK  Photography by LARRY ARNAL

Built-in shelving can be used as a storage area for office-related books, novels, journals, or other guides. Adding décor, like greenery or photos, creates a personal touch and serves as a reminder of loved ones and favorite pastimes. 

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