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The 2022 Summer Issue of Design at Home

This season, we are exploring the impact your environment has on the senses and how unique regions and needs can evolve and affect home design. Arriving just in time for your summer vacation plans, the Great North American Road trip seeks family travel-inspired homescapes with a tips section on how to incorporate your travels into home design and a family-friendly flooring guide detailing the best floors for your summer lifestyle.

Tips to Incorporate Travel Into Your Home Design

incorporate travel inspiration as decorDesign by Diana Rose | Photography by Mike Chajecki

Bring faraway destinations into your home design with these eight tips on how to incorporate travel inspiration as decor. Whether you’ve collected handmade artistry from your travels or are looking for a way to display your exotic tea collection in the kitchen, this article has the top tricks for infusing your travel-inspired decor.

Resort-Inspired Spaces

This stunning spread on resort-inspired places looks at how you may combine resort-style looks and resort accents into your daily life. With professional interior designs highlighting each trend, these five exquisite concepts explore luxury bedrooms, spa bathrooms, outdoor showers, restaurant dining, and open-air living.

Renovating a Townhome With Margarita Bravo

margarita bravo townhouse designDesign by Margarita Bravo | Photography by Zach Cornwell

Margarita Bravo gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the design of a Denver townhome restoration in this exclusive interview. Her unique use of color flows throughout the design, and she discusses how to incorporate individuality into your design using wallpaper, furnishings, and color.

Styles We Love: Tranquil Styles to Cool Your Summer

This summer's style spotlight is the peaceful remedy you need to escape the heat, with everything from Boutique Hotel to Rustic Cabincorel. Boutique hotel has a modern-chic vibe with a touch of art deco, and colors are explored through wall art, tiling, and furniture. Cape Cod Coastal, on the other hand, evokes a Cape Cod summer with furniture inspired by natural beach wood, coral reefs, and aquatic blues. Finally, there's Rustic Cabincore, which is ideal for those looking for a place to get away from it all in the mountains. Combining the trendy sage green with wood tones to create an eclectic cabin vibe, Rustic Cabincore encourages serenity and tranquility in design.

Family-Friendly Flooring for Your New House or Vacation Home

family friendly flooring

Our first flooring feature focuses on family-friendly floors for your vacation home or new home remodel, with products from our Flooring America catalog that are stainproof and waterproof. If you’re in the middle of a home renovation or just bought a new house for your family, this flooring feature is the perfect guide and will help you find the best products for busy families that want mess-proof flooring.

What’s Your Summer Flooring Vibe?

Five summer mood boards are included in this fun Buzzfeed-Esque quiz to help you pick the ideal floors for you. Have fun taking our personality assessment and find the perfect floors for your summer vibe with options like Adventurous, Natural, Beachy, Vibrant, and Motivated.

Soft-Surfaces Inspired by Ocean Landscapes

ocean landscape-inspired soft surfaces

Our second flooring feature looks at how to use carpet and area rugs to create a relaxed atmosphere. We have the product recommendations you need from our Flooring America catalog to infuse your home with ocean-inspired colors and patterns, from tropical blue carpets to warm, golden-sun area rugs.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Written by Trisha Isabey

Trisha Isabey demonstrates how to utilize your space in compact living quarters in this exclusive designer feature. We can all agree that having a livable area that feels big enough for you is crucial, whether you live in a condo, an apartment, or a townhome. Isabey offers advice on everything from utilizing natural light and views to simplifying built-ins and maximizing negative space.

Creating a Cottage-Chic Home

Written by Laura Hay

cottage-chic home decorDesign by Laura Hay | Photography by Gillian Jackson

Last but not least, Laura Hay delves into how to style a “cottage chic” home. Hay is a cottage-style design guru with multiple projects under her belt, and she shares her best advice. Natural wool, raw stone, and organic textiles, as well as cottage-style décor and focal points, are among the elements she recommends. She also gives tips on how to transform your current home decor into one that is more cottage-style.

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