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Styles We Love: Industrial

What Is Industrial Modern Design?

With a touch of raw flare that brings everything there is to love about metal beams and brickwork to the forefront, industrial design brings both an effortlessly minimalist feel and a texturally appealing look to any space. Explore its stylish features through a collection of neutral decor pieces and upscale furniture.

The Best Industrial Style Flooring Options

When it comes to finding the best industrial style flooring options, look for raw materials in natural neutrals like hand-scraped hardwood, textured carpet, and slate stone tiles.

industrial style flooring options

Define Yourself by Design Distinctions

This gray-toned carpet by Design Distinctions is a statement piece with its captivating textured contrast patterning creating a beautiful visual appeal that compliments any space. Along with its eye-striking pattern, this carpet is backed by life-of-the-carpet soil and stain resistance warranties, so you can install it in any space including high-traffic areas without having to worry about spills or other messes. So, if you’re looking for a floor for your industrial living room, this Define Yourself pattern is the perfect option for you!

industrial style tile flooring

Revotile Power Grey Matte

Concrete finishes are especially popular in industrial-chic design since it’s all about exposed elements. Discover a revolutionary development in stone-look porcelain tiles with Revotile in Power Gray Matte by Daltile. This concrete-look porcelain tile is striking and lends visual weight to your space by drawing the eye to the ground. Plus, it looks great in kitchens, entryways, and bathrooms alike. These tiles are extremely durable with their waterproof, stainproof, dent-proof, scratch-proof, and slip-resistant technology.

How Do I Get an Industrial Look?

industrial style solar sliding panelSolar Sliding Panel by Graber

So, you’ve got the flooring down, but what makes a room industrial? Like so many interior design styles before, it all comes down to the details. Touches of raw flare, like exposed beams, brick fireplaces, and leather chairs all expose the beauty of natural imperfections. Infuse your place with natural materials and textiles such as organic wool rugs and potted plants plus salvaged or recycled materials that lend an industrial look.

Industrial Interior Design

industrial style white brick

Brique White Matte/Satin Porcelain by Emser Tile

The architectural elements within a space influence industrial interior design. These elements often include loft-like spaces with piping and ductwork that’s made as a focal point. Taking inspiration from 19th and 20th-century factories, industrial design uses the strength of brick, concrete, iron, and steel to create an efficient and uncluttered space. Often, industrial-style spaces might look “unfinished” but that’s the point —they’re meant to provide a casual ambiance that’s laid-back and lived in.

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