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Styles We Love: Contemporary Curves

This year, there’s been an uptick in curved trends on the home decor market with everything from round accent chairs to bend candles taking over Pinterest mood boards and lifestyle spreads. Characterized by curved lines and sleek finishes, this timeless style is both uniquely modern and effortless. Discover all the ways you can create this design by using a touch of simplicity and materials like metal and glass.

Decorate with Curved Elements

decorate with curved elementsOltre Res Tile by Daltile

One of the simplest ways to incorporate contemporary curves into your home design is by updating your furniture with curved pieces. Look for home accessories and ornaments like curved mirrors, round vases, and gilded accent chairs to soften your space. Sometimes even the smallest updates like new circular coasters for the coffee table or adding an arched bookcase to the office can create a well-rounded look.

Consider Tile with Curved Features

tile with curved elementsImmerse Tile in Aqua by Emser

Tile installations are another wonderful way to hop on this curved trend with soft organic shapes taking hold in the tile market. Look for tiles that have calm aesthetics, therapeutic colors, and reassuring shapes like Daltile’s Revalia Remix Fan Mosaic and the Pietra Divina by Daltile in Cupola. If you don’t like the idea of round shapes and mosaics for your tile, find a tile that features curved patterns such as the Immerse Tile by Emser. You can use these tiles to create accent walls in your kitchens, upgrade the tile around your fireplace or add a fun backsplash behind your bath.

Install Curved Lighting

install curved lightingImagica in Vision Unpolished by Daltile

Of course, another way to hop on the curved trend is through stylish lighting. The design possibilities for light sources are endless —the key is to find a fixture that’s organic to your home’s architecture and uniquely your style. Whether you’re looking for an overhead light in the living room and opt for a vertigo nova pendant fan or you’re on the hunt for an arched reading lamp in the living room, curved light fixtures are a brilliant way to elevate your interior design.

Think Soft Flooring

think soft flooring

As you know by now, the contemporary curved trend emphasizes a certain softness in home design. While this softness is apparent in curved archways and decor, you should also carry this into materials with carpeted floors. Shop for carpets that promote gentleness with cozy fibers that are plush underfoot. Innovia’s Fiance styled carpet is an ideal example of this, featuring sculpted, textured patterning that’s irresistibly soft and dimensionally appealing. 

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  • Feb 25, 2022
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