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Style Watch: Organically Natural

As we finally step into spring and warmer weather, we’d like to bring another design trend to your attention that is taking 2022 by storm: Organically Natural. Organically Natural style is all about taking the beauty of the outdoors and allowing it to inspire your interiors. Bringing this trend into your home is so easy because of the versatility that the natural world offers – think wood, natural stone, plants and other greenery.

Much like the great outdoors that Organically Natural embodies, these elements can breathe a new life into spaces that feel stale after a long, cold winter. Take advantage of this trend and the healing properties of nature with some of our favorite flooring products.

  1. Simple Stone Tile

simple stone tile

Revo Tile in Power Grey Matte by Floorcraft

The look of stone is perfect for bringing natural elegance into your space, and with the gorgeous Revo tile by Floorcraft, you’re getting that same level of durability you would expect from true stone. In fact, this tile is not only water, stain and scratch resistant, but it is also made with a unique ClickFit™ technology which makes it easy to install in any space that is in need of a fresh look. The slate style of the Revo Tile is perfect for helping open up smaller spaces to feel and appear more expansive.

  1. Natural Finish Hardwood

natural finish hardwood

Elk Island Engineered Hardwood in Gilda by Floorcraft

What’s more natural than wood itself? One of the easiest ways to bring a natural feel into your space is to use hardwood flooring that has a natural finish. This beautiful, engineered Elk Island hardwood from Floorcraft is the perfect example. Not only does the light color of the wood add a brightness to your interiors, but it is also reminiscent of days spent surrounded by nature. For an even more natural, imperfect look you can vary the width of the hardwood planks to create your own unique floor. Did we mention that this engineered hardwood is also created with additional structural stability, making it perfect for high and low traffic areas alike? Now you can have the natural luxury of hardwood in any space you desire – bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and even basements! 


    Embossed Laminate 

embossed laminate

Juno Oak Laminate Flooring by Floorcraft

Laminate flooring is the perfect intersection between getting the natural feel you want in your space, without sacrificing the durability you desire. This Juno Oak laminate flooring by Floorcraft uses embossed texturing to create the natural graining found in real oak, but unlike most oak hardwood floors, this laminate flooring is waterproof, kid-proof and pet-proof. Laminate flooring is also typically easier to care for and maintain, so if you’re looking to add a natural element to your space without adding to your long list of daily chores, Juno Oak laminate flooring is a great choice. 


    Calming Carpet

calming carpet

All the Best Carpet in Sandbox by Hearth & Home 

Do you find yourself daydreaming of warm sandy beaches and tropical-inspired relaxation? What if you could have that same calm, peaceful feeling that a sun-filled vacation offers right in your own home? We may not be able to bring you to the beach, but you can bring the beach to you and your home with All the Best carpet from Hearth & Home. This neutral, sandy tone will compliment almost any space, and offers a more subtle, natural influence than the look of stone or wood. All the Best carpet is made of economical and eco-friendly nylon and is created with a textured Saxony construction that will have your space feeling warm, inviting and of course, ready to meet the demands of your everyday lifestyle. 

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