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Man’s Best Friend’s Best Floors


The balance between wanting beautiful floors and knowing you have a fur baby with paws and claws can be tough. Luxury vinyl strikes a great balance since it’s scratch and stain-resistant and comes in a variety of beautiful styles and patterns, bringing about a little flair with its practical function. Tile, on the other hand, will stand up to your pup the best since it is one of the hardest flooring materials you can buy, but it isn’t exactly comfy for canines. If you want to dive deeper into the best flooring for dogs that you can install around your house, check out our blog What's the Best Dog-Friendly Flooring? But what if you wanted to find floors that fit your dog’s personal space? Let’s look at the best types of floors for Fido’s place of his own.When finding floors for Fido, a lot of the considerations are the same—durability, water resistance, and clean-ability. However, when planning a dedicated space for your dog, like an indoor dog kennel, things like style and design likely won’t factor in as much. And you probably can worry even less about colors—unless your dog has a very specific color palette. It has been found throughout many kennels that installing appropriate flooring material plays a key role in maintaining the health and comfort of dogs. The factors that go into choosing these floors can tell us a lot.

floor types for dogs 

Most indoor dog kennels are giant pee pads with non-stick bottoms, and most of the time, these are a fine solution as they offer some comfort and absorbency. But if you’re looking for something a little more permanent, first you should think of how easily it cleans. Different flooring materials can feature grooves, nooks, and holes where dirt and bacteria can collect. Opting for a smoother surface will save you extra effort cleaning it and help keep your pooch’s pad nice and tidy. Obviously, you want a material that is stain-resistant, and you can even go as far as to find some that are waterproof or water-wicking to keep the area dry and stop bacteria, mildew, or mold from growing.

clean floors for dogs

Once you’ve found a flooring material that’s easy to clean, you also want to make sure that it is durable enough for your dog. Take into consideration the number of dogs you have, their size, and the amount of havoc they’ve been able to wreak on the rest of your house.

  • Some kennels use epoxy floors because they are shock-resistant, waterproof, and fire-proof. But unless you’re running a kennel business, it is very labor-intensive and difficult to install.

  • Then, there is vinyl flooring, which is extremely scratch-resistant, durable, and easy to clean but may become slippery when wet, which is not very comfortable for your dog.

  • Rubber is a popular option because it is comfortable, well insulated, and still relatively easy to clean. But if your dog likes to bite and scratch, you may be replacing those rubber floors before you know it.

  • Hardwood floors are the best-looking option and blend nicely with the rest of your house. But depending on the sealant used, wood floors are going to be far less stain and water-resistant than the other flooring options and require your constant attention to keep them looking nice.

  • And if you really want to make your pup feel at home, you could install artificial grass, which looks great and is comfortable but may not have the same longevity as other materials.

When it comes to modular versus fixed flooring, modular is the way to go for your good boy. Rarely will the space you’re sectioning off for your dog correspond to the factory specs that the fixed floors are designed to. Modular flooring allows you to cover the right amount of space for your dog and your home. When comparing different flooring materials, it can be tough trying to balance a floor that’s easy to clean with a floor that’s comfortable for your dog. Soft versus hard materials seem in direct opposition to each other. But you can always lay down additional padding, like a soft mat or bedding in a portion of the kennel, if you opt for a harder surface that is easier to clean.

comfortable flooring options for dogs

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