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The next decade of interior decor trends are expected to usher in styles that encourage bold and creative ideas as well as happiness and wellness at home. With versatile options in multiple colors and styles, Pergo Extreme has luxury vinyl plank flooring to complement the hottest trends for your home.
Pergo Extreme Luxury Vinyl Flooring in an open space

Now It’s Personal

Still keeping up with the Joneses? There’s good news: you can stop. One of the biggest trends for the next decade is to decorate your home for yourself, not others, and reflect your distinct life, likes, and personality. Homes are becoming more personal than ever, displaying and celebrating all the fun, interesting, and quirky elements that make up your personality. With options in numerous colors and styles, Pergo Extreme has the perfect flooring to reflect your unique style. You spend your life in these rooms – so make them about you, for you and enjoy every moment.
Pergo Extreme Luxury Vinyl Flooring in a living room

Go Bold and Go Home

The past few years have been all about a clean, almost sterile look filled with whites and greys. But trends are moving toward a decade filled with bold personality. For those who take risks and go bold, Pergo’s wide-ranging looks and deep textures create some of the most extraordinary designs ever achieved. Stretch the imagination with reinvented wood-burning techniques, painted gold bevels, and dramatic large format marble tiles.
Pergo Extreme Luxury Vinyl Flooring in a sitting room

It’s All Natural

The next decade will focus on showcasing nature’s beauty, such as wood textures, live plants, earth tones, and biophilic designs. For flooring, this means pronounced wood grains and rich colors that enhance the warmth and elegance in your home. With Pergo Extreme, your natural looks are fortified with highly durable construction, easy-to-install designs, and low-maintenance protocols.
Pergo Extreme Luxury Vinyl Flooring in a family room


Durability Reigns Supreme

Today’s families seek durable products that can be used and enjoyed every day. Pergo Extreme offers homeowners exactly this kind of comfort with uncompromising performance. Its superior construction allows for an industry-leading warranty. Positively dent proof, pet proof, kid proof, and waterproof, these floors are primed and protected for the extreme fun and activities that enrich your home life.
Pergo Extreme Luxury Vinyl Flooring in the kitchen

Flooring Styles to Last

Extreme durability, high performance, realistic designs – Pergo Extreme offers unique vinyl plank flooring solutions that can harmonize with your personal style for truly exceptional home decor. And with protection against dents, pets, water, and wear, you can be 100% worry-free with confidence that lives up to the Pergo Extreme promise. Whatever drives the style of your home, Pergo Extreme offers the vinyl flooring solutions your family needs.

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