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Kitchen Flooring Trends: How To Make A Statement In 2021

Unable to decide on new flooring for your kitchen? Here’s what will be hot for 2021

1) Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood is a robust style of flooring that comes in a wide range of options, including oak, teak and mahogany.
It’s become a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers because it’s quick and easy to install. It’s also less affected by moisture than solid wood flooring, is highly durable and doesn’t contract or expand when temperature or moisture levels vary.
There is a wide spectrum of choices in terms of patterns, finishes, grains and stains to achieve the results you want.

2) Cork Flooring

The increasing popularity of (and demand for) sustainable materials by environmentally-conscious homeowners have made cork flooring a trending material for 2021. Its many benefits include water resistance, the fact that it’s comfortable to stand on for long periods, and its polyurethane topcoat which protects against minor spills. This often-overlooked natural material is eco-friendly, slightly cushioned, and adds warmth to any room in which it’s installed.

3) Stained Concrete Flooring

Ideal for modern, industrial and minimalist kitchens, stained concrete flooring is a safer alternative to its polished but slippery counterpart. It’s a durable and affordable flooring option that’s also visually appealing and low maintenance.

4) Pattern Flooring

Expect large pattern flooring to remain popular for some time as they create beautiful effects. From parquet wood flooring to herringbone laminate flooring, there are many flooring choices to add texture and style to your kitchen.
Its rustic appearance and quirky patterns will continue to trend in 2021 as they pair well with minimalist decor and give your kitchen an interesting look.

5) Bamboo Flooring

2021 will continue to champion chic yet sustainable flooring options that have been sourced responsibly. Add bamboo flooring to that list.
It’s strong enough to withstand the everyday wear and tear kitchen floors are subjected to. It’s also affordable, warm underfoot, increases your property value, and features a beautiful grain and organic hues to create a focal point in your kitchen. Bamboo flooring is easy to install and maintain as you can either float the planks over an underlay or fix it to the subfloor.

6) Large-Format Tile Flooring

Large-format tiles made of porcelain, ceramic and stone are appreciated by homeowners and designers alike because they’re easy to both clean and maintain. Post-COVID-19, cleanliness and hygiene will be everyone’s top priority. That’s why flooring that can be cleaned easily is expected to be in vogue.
Large-format tiles refer to ones that are at least 12-inch x 12-inch. These minimize the number of grout lines which makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

7) White Laminate Flooring

Next year, give your kitchen a clean and coastal vibe with white laminate flooring. It complements a dark kitchen by lightening up the space instantly while making it look larger.
The simple maintenance and affordability of laminates, combined with the sophisticated and simple look of their white coloring, gives your kitchen an unmatched visual appeal. If your kitchen is Scandinavian in design, this flooring is appropriate. Accentuate it with blush and earthy tones to make it come alive. As far as practicality, laminate flooring is durable, affordable, water-resistant and easy to install.

8) Slip-Resistant Flooring

This is expected to be one of the hottest growing kitchen flooring trends in 2021, especially among older adults. Linoleum and vinyl are common slip-resistant kitchen flooring choices. Meanwhile, rubber is slowly transitioning from commercial kitchens to residential ones because of its resistance to stains, water and physical damage.

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