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Interesting Hardwood Layout Patterns

What are my options for hardwood floor patterns?
We get it. The number of choices you have to make when planning your flooring project can be overwhelming. Once you’ve decided on hardwood flooring and found the stain you want, the thought of having to make another decision about the layout may make your head explode. But the wood flooring pattern is just as important as the stain of the wood in how much it can impact the appearance of a room. Here are some of the most popular wood floor layout patterns:

  • Parquet
  • Herringbone
  • Chevron
  • Straight
  • Diagonal
  • Random
  • Basketweave

We’ll take you through a breakdown of these hardwood flooring pattern options to help ease your decision.
What is parquet flooring?
parquet flooring
Parquet flooring is when wood planks are cut into smaller pieces to create repeating patterns on a floor. Basically, any floor pattern that is not parallel is a parquet floor. Chevron, herringbone, and basketweave wood floor patterns are all types of parquet flooring.
What’s the difference between herringbone and chevron?
herringbone vs chevron
Both herringbone and chevron are zig-zag flooring patterns, so they may look similar from afar, but they are different, and choosing one or the other can change the vibe of a room. Both styles are cut into shorter planks, but chevron is cut at a 45° angle, while herringbone is cut perpendicular, meaning herringbone planks are rectangles. This allows chevron to have a continuous zig-zag pattern, while herringbone has an interlocking zig-zag pattern. One benefit of chevron is that the continuous zig-zag pattern can make a room appear larger and more modern. Herringbone gives a more rustic, classic look, so it’s perfect if you’re into farmhouse or contemporary aesthetics. Both styles have been used for centuries, and they’re not going anywhere—so they’re worth the investment.
If you’re into the zig-zag look, read our blog post detailing the difference between herringbone and chevron. Make sure to consider both style and cost and weigh what is most important to you. Depending on your budget, you may not be able to get the hardwood material you want and the pattern of floor you want. Choosing between style and cost may not be a compromise you want to make. But the good news is, if the hardwood chevron pattern is out of your budget, you can achieve the same look with vinyl or laminate flooring—that way, you get the look of wood and the chevron pattern without having to break the bank.
What if I want a simple pattern?
simple floor patterns
A classic, inexpensive option for your hardwood floor layout is a straight pattern. If you want to make the room look bigger, the planks should be installed parallel to the longest wall of the room. When using a straight floor pattern, you want to make sure to stagger the planks so that the edges are spaced far enough apart. A good rule of thumb is to stagger by a distance of 2–3 times the width of the planks.
How does a diagonal floor work?
diagonal flooring
A fun alternative to a straight wood floor pattern is a diagonal one. This is the same as a straight pattern, except it’s diagonal instead of parallel to the walls. It will be slightly more expensive than a straight pattern because the planks will need to be cut at an angle where they meet the walls.
Is a random floor pattern really random?
random floor patterns
You may hear “random” pattern and think that it would make your room look messy, but that’s actually not the case. “Random” doesn’t really mean random. A random layout means hardwood planks of different lengths are laid parallel. Many hardwood floors use random layouts, where the planks run in the same direction, as it’s one of the least expensive installation options and doesn’t require cutting the edges of the wood planks at different angles.
What is a basketweave hardwood floor?
A basketweave floor pattern looks exactly the way it sounds—the “weave” is made up of squares of small parallel planks of wood. Those squares are laid out perpendicular to each other to create the basketweave look. 

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