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Inspired by New Beginnings

It’s that time of year when shoots spring from the ground, trees bud, and the earth becomes a place of renewal. Maybe the change in weather means cleaning out your winter closet or opening up the patio. Whatever the flower blossoms bring forth, follow the earth’s lead, and let go of your past misgivings to make way for more growth and renewal.

Spring Color Palettes

This spring, we’ve curated a collection of beautiful colorways and flooring inspiration based on the concept of new beginnings. We’ve paired delicate sky blues, ivory creams, and pale pinks with rich earthy browns and brick reds to create a stunning tribute to spring color palettes. This colorway delivers a tender nod to growth and brings to mind organically bright flowers and buds shooting out of the earth against the starker colors of winter's past.

Our Stylish Spring Flooring Picks

stylish spring flooring

When it comes to spring floors, you want the very best in performance and durability given that you’re bound to have wet dogs running in from the rain and muddy shoes on your entryway floors. Take a look at these four products that we’ve selected to accompany this delightful color palette:

With Down’s Life H2O’s Noble Willow luxury vinyl, you can have the inviting look of a rustic textured wood floor and a floor that can handle the challenges of modern life far better than real wood. This dent-resistant solid core vinyl plank flooring features a contemporary wide plank design with unparalleled embossed-in-register wood detailing and texture. This floor is perfect for your mudrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms alike since it’s waterproof and has impressive scratch resistance.

And if you’re looking for a more “penthouse luxury” worth floor, opt for Hearth & Home’s Circle Drive Plus in Lipstick. This gorgeous textured Saxony carpet has a plush feel with its deep pile. But don’t fret, this beauty doesn’t come at the cost of performance because Circle Drive Plus is backed by a premium warranty that covers stain, soil, and wear resistance for years down the line. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and affordable!

Spring Design Inspo

spring design inspo

Aside from installing new floors, there are numerous ways to freshen up your interiors this spring from throw pillows and new drapes to living plants and gallery walls.

One surefire way to contemporarize your home is through a modern tile backsplash. Daltile’s Vifivy Glass Mosaic wall tile in Spectra Blue makes a fun addition to any bathroom or kitchen. With its variegated blue and white colors in a woven pattern, this bright mosaic adds distinctive style to the wall through a playful pinwheel pattern.

spring design flooring inspo

And of course, adding a fresh coat of paint never hurts! Brighten up your rooms with light colors whether you’re looking to add a feminine touch with a pale blush pink in your powder room or you’re searching for that perfect natural eggshell blue in the dining room.

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