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Hardwood Flooring Trends We’ll See in 2021

Hardwood flooring is definitely nothing new to the world of home design, but the types of hardwood floors that homeowners want are constantly changing. 2020 has given people plenty of time inside their homes to work on a vision for a 2021 remodel, but what does that mean for hardwood floors? Check out these hardwood trends that are expected to gain popularity as we go into the new year!

Dark Wood

The most common blend for dark wood floors is ebony and walnut at a 50/50 blend. Dark wood floors give your home a striking appearance that is versatile with other home décor choices. The one downside to dark wood, however, is how difficult it is to keep clean. Dark wood shows every speck of dust, scratch, or dent, very quickly. Dark wood is best in homes without young kids or pets, or a home that has lots of extra hands available to keep the wood looking clean!

Cool Toned Grays

2021 is going to be all about cool-toned grays for a modern and clean look. Cool-toned wood is easy to maintain and looks great in almost any home. The only challenge with this flooring choice is finding an experienced contractor to refinish your wood flooring to a gray color. It’s more difficult to do than it sounds, so finding an expert is an absolute must.

Natural Finishes

Glossy hardwood was popular for many years, but it’s difficult to maintain and doesn’t age well. As homeowners realize this, they’re opting for more natural finishes. Satin and matte finishes are expected to be the most popular in 2021, although some still might opt for a semi-gloss look that’s easier to maintain than a traditional glossy finish.

Wide Planks

Wide planks make your home look bigger and add a lot of visual appeal to the space. Since homeowners are opting for hardwood throughout more areas of the home, including kitchens, making a room feel larger is a big perk that appeals to many different types of customers. Wide planks can make a modern home look contemporary while bringing a rustic and homey feel to older houses, so it’s a very versatile choice that’s sure to impress!

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