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Get Your Home Decorated in Time for Christmas!

With only 4 weeks left until the family are frantically running down the stairs to see if the big man’s been and the emergency chairs are getting pulled out ready for the big Christmas dinner… It’s now or never to spruce up your home ready for the festive season. Starting with your flooring!

Deck the Halls with Festive Flooring Trends

As the first point of contact for your guests, your hallway is one of the most important areas of your home in terms of first impressions. Wow your guests with amazing parquet trends or elongate the space with supreme long boards and stunning solid woods. Take a peek at this gorgeous solid wood flooring for inspiration:

Festive Flooring Trends

When purchasing flooring for your hallway you also need to consider the practicality of the wood as it must be capable of withstanding a heavy footfall. The more robust solid woods and thicker engineered woods are perfect for the area. However the cheaper laminates are also just as adequate – look out for durable, hard-wearing options and they shall serve you well in the long run.

White Christmas Flooring

Grey flooring has been trending for quite some time. With modern and traditional stylists embracing the multitude of grey tones available, it’s no wonder it’s topping the trend list for the festive season. The white washed look of the Elegant Frosted Oak is perfect to set the Christmas scene whilst also blending effortlessly with the remaining furnishings and décor.


Festive Flooring Trends

This Nordic room setting has adopted the minimalist approach, going for the less is more look. However, if you’re more of a modern Scandinavian stylist then perhaps this monochrome look would suit you more:

Festive Flooring Trends

The use of brown wood flooring amongst the black and white décor has created the perfect statement piece. By drawing your attention directly to the floor it has allowed you to appreciate the detail in the wood. Dark woods are often used to create this effect, especially when contrasting with light décor.

Traditional Trimmings

Nothing says traditional more than authentic hardwood flooring. Whether you go for light, warm or dark color hues, the natural wood coloring is guaranteed to compliment any traditional setting. Take a look at this beautiful living area for inspiration:

Festive Flooring Trends

No matter which trend you go for, there’s a wood flooring to suit every home and budget; from our supreme solid woods to the more affordable laminates and LVT options.

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