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Reason #1: It’s Waterproof

Because of its easy-to-install proprietary locking system, Pergo Extreme planks fit together like no other vinyl flooring on the market. No water is going to get through the seal on this floor, and it even comes with a 100% waterproof promise. No other wood or vinyl flooring out there can offer this premium feature, and it means that when Fido has an occasional accident or one of your tiny humans spills milk on the floor (because he can do it “all by myself!”), you don’t have to panic about what damage is being done. With Pergo Extreme, you can relax, knowing that your floors were designed for moments like these.

Reason #2: It’s Dent Proof

Let’s be honest: we’ve all dropped something heavy, then experienced the momentary panic of wondering what damage we’ve just inflicted on our floor. Accidents happen, and Pergo Extreme floors are ready for them — their dent-proof promise stems from the “rigid” in rigid vinyl floors. The core of each plank is made of a rigid composite that refuses to dent under pressure. So whether your young aspiring pro bowler creates a lane in the hallway or a marble paperweight takes a tumble off your desk, your Pergo Extreme floors will weather the abuse with ease.

Reason #3: It’s Kid and Pet Proof

In case reasons 1 and 2 didn’t convince you that Pergo Extreme was designed with kids and pets in mind, let’s talk about its other promise: these floors are 100% kid and pet proof. The top layer of each Pergo Extreme plank offers superior protection from scuffs, scratches and stains. Daily wear and tear on the floors in a busy household can be brutal: between abrasive items sliding across the floor at playtime and the impact of endless foot (and paw) traffic, keeping floors looking beautiful is a challenge. Built to withstand heavy daily use, Pergo Extreme was created with real families in mind.

Reason #4: It’s Available in a Variety of Styles

You might be accustomed to finding that a quality product you love is only offered in a handful of styles, but Pergo Extreme offers a wide variety of styles in both wood and tile looks. With more than 60 distinct styles to choose from, including several with a wider, longer plank, you’re sure to find one that’s a perfect fit for your home.

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