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Floors for Bare Feet

What is the best flooring for walking barefoot? And why does it matter?

Shoes are often a hot topic, from the freshest sneakers to cozy slip-on slippers or fashion-forward fall boots. But walking barefoot and the benefits of barefoot walking dont seem to get as much attention. Although your bare feet might not be glamourous, walking barefoot has many benefits. So do certain surfaces that you walk on, which is why the floors in your home should be supportive, feel good under your feet, and look just as stylish as this season’s latest shoe.

Feet Freedom

There is a theory that barefoot walking helps adults return to a natural pattern of walking. Of course, the support that we get from shoes can be beneficial, but often shoes are over-padded and can weaken muscle as the shoes are doing the work our bodies should be.

How Do Floors Fit In?

Walking barefoot has benefits and can be great, but how does this relate to flooring? Uneven or rough surfaces can be tough on your feet and lead to injury if you walk barefoot. In addition, hard surfaces can be rigid on your joints. When it comes to flooring, especially professionally installed floors, they should be smooth and even. Thus, you shouldnt have to worry about your floors being a danger unless you have small children leaving LEGOs® around. Flooring that is easy on joints should be your number one priority if you love walking barefoot and are looking for supportive floors.

bare feet floors

Pop Open an Unconventional Flooring Option

Cork floors are a fantastic eco-friendly flooring option for those who like to pad around barefoot. Although it is an uncommon flooring type, it provides many benefits and a beautiful natural look. Cork is a softer type of wood, which makes it shock absorbent, and it is a natural insulator, which means it won’t be cold on your feet like other floorings, such as tile. Plus, it absorbs sound, which means walking across it won’t be loud.

kitchen bare feet floors

Get a Bounce With Bamboo

Bamboo is also an eco-friendly option that is softer than traditional hardwood flooring but harder than cork flooring. Fun fact, the bamboo plant is considered grass, not a tree. This flooring option will give you the look of hardwood but a softer, more forgiving feel, which will be easier on your joints.

two people on bare feet floors

Carpet—a Cozy Classic

Carpet is another excellent option for joints. Due to the padding installed underneath carpeting, it has a soft, forgiving bounce. Plus, you could even opt for extra-thick padding to make your new carpet even cushier. Similar to cork flooring, carpeting will not be cold to the touch, which means that your bare feet will be nice and warm even in the winter months. Plus, carpet is also a quieter flooring material, making it great for bedrooms, offices, and playrooms.

bedroom bare feet floors

For Those Who Can’t Part With Hardwood and Tile

If you love the way hardwood and tile look but still seek a more forgiving floor for your joints, you can also purchase small area rugs or flooring mats. Like wall-to-wall carpeting, thicker pads placed under these free-floating area rugs can make them even more forgiving. When placing down small mats or rugs, you should consider areas where you stand a lot, like in front of the kitchen sink.

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