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The flooring choices you make enhance your home’s beauty, and in many cases, they can also improve comfort for your joints and feet. If you suffer from osteoarthritis, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, joint pain, a herniated disc, back pain, sciatica or any condition which affects your hips or joints, standing and walking on hard surfaces may not be recommended.

The right flooring can offer a pleasant upgrade from hard surfaces. Softer flooring with good support can be less harsh on joints and feet. It can even be kinder to your back when you’re standing for a while. If you suffer from foot and joint pain, you may also want to look for warmer flooring options, since the cold can exacerbate some types of pain.

Best Flooring for Your Feet and Joint Pain

The best flooring for joint pain, back pain and foot comfort includes many choices, such as:

  • Vinyl: Vinyl is softer than many hard-surface floors and easy to clean. If you use a cane or any medical aid, it’ll be easier to keep the floor surface tidy.

  • Laminate: Laminate is softer and has more “give” compared to wood and tile. It is also slightly warmer, which can help you avoid aggravating the pain.

  • Carpet: Carpet is soft and plush underfoot, especially if you choose a thicker type that allows your feet to sink in. Carpet is also less cold on your feet, which may be more comfortable if you suffer from foot pain. Look for plush carpeting and make sure you place the carpet over wood or another surface that isn’t too unforgiving.

  • Area rugs: If you love tile or hard-surface floors but your feet ache from standing on them, an area rug can be a great option. Consider putting rugs in any spots where you stand often — such as your kitchen’s food preparation area. For maximum impact, look for rugs with memory foam, anti-shock or anti-fatigue padding or plush materials that provide extra relief. Also, look for no-slip rugs to stay safer. However, be aware that rugs can pose a tripping hazard for anyone who uses a walker or has mobility challenges.

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