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Feng Shui: Principles to Harmonize Your Home

Feng Shui has continued to be a popular design system since its creation in ancient China. It’s all about optimizing the flow of energy, or Chi, through the organization and layout of your furniture and home décor. In Chinese, Feng translates to wind, and Shui translates to water, so when you put them together in your home, you have a well-balanced life flow. Below, we’ll look at more than just the impact your floors can have on proper Feng Shui; we’ll look at helpful practices starting in the bedroom and moving to the rest of the house.

Increase Energy Flow


It is believed that if you have energy flowing in the right direction, you can achieve a better night’s sleep, so let’s look at some tips to make your bedroom more Feng Shui. First things first, you’re going to want to upsize your mattress, use eco-friendly bedding, buy a headboard and bedside tables for each side. Once you have all of that together, position it as centrally in your room as you can, with the headboard against a solid wall and space on all three other sides. Make sure that when you’re in bed, you’re facing the door without being in line with it.

increase energy flow for feng shui 

Reduce Clutter

Although this certainly wasn’t a factor in ancient China, having too many electronic devices in the bedroom can harm Feng Shui. Try charging your phone overnight in a different room and outfitting your bedroom with an alarm clock you like and a book for reading. Speaking of books, try to keep only the books you are currently reading in your bedroom to reduce clutter.

reduce clutter for feng shui 

One of the biggest deterrents to keeping energy flowing properly is clutter. This starts in your bedroom, especially under your bed, but extends to the rest of your house. Clutter can bring a sense of chaos, which can weigh you down emotionally while also muddling your thoughts. With a little organizational overhaul, you can ensure that each item in your space plays to a specific function.

Create a Welcoming Space

After clearing all the clutter from your home, you’ll find it easy to keep a clear path to your front door. The front door isn’t just the way in for people; it’s also the way in for energy, so you’ll want to make it as inviting as possible. If your front entryway is feeling too small, try adding a mirror to make the space feel larger. With the energy now rushing quickly into your home, you’ll want to give it a reason to slow down before moving back out again. You can achieve this with accent pieces like artwork, rugs, and other grounding elements that will cause the energy, like people, to slow down and appreciate the space. 

 create a welcoming space for feng shui

When it comes to Feng Shui and floors, there’s only one rule: natural color palettes. But thankfully, this still leaves you with a lot of style options. To maximize energy flow throughout every room in your house, choose soothing, muted color tones for your floors. Stick to designs that are clean and natural, so they aren’t too busy. Some patterns can get overwhelming and cause visual clutter.

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