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Fall to Winter Home Transition

The blustery weather is upon us and winter has arrived. While you’re getting the Christmas lights ready, you might be considering changing out your fall décor for something more festive. For an easy fall to winter transition, focus your attention on creating indoor warmth.  From cozy blankets to richly scented candles, winter is a magical season for home decorating.  Whether you’re looking to enrich your home with new finds or old favorites, follow our 5 easy steps for a smooth transition.

Say goodbye to fall decor:

Depending on how large your house is and how much you decorate for the seasons, the task of switching out décor can sometimes feel overwhelming.  We recommend making a simple plan to move room to room, working top to bottom in a clockwise direction. This straight forward strategy will give you an easy routine to follow and a clear path to make sure nothing is missed. By moving methodically, you can make quick work for scanning each room for fall decor you’d like to store and deciding can stay the same. Remember, decorating is supposed to be fun!  Box and put away the pumpkins, gourds, and other decor that screams autumn. Swap out fall runners, rugs and tablecloths for one with wintery charm. Think whites, greys or festive metallics. Once this is finished, you’ll be ready to move into winter decorating mode!

Bring in the Greenery:

Nothing says winter wonderland better than fresh, fragrant greenery. Deck the halls with wintertime garland and hang wreaths and holly from the doors and mantle. Pine boughs make wonderful centerpieces that can double as areas to showcase special ornaments. Embrace nature and bring the outside in this holiday season.

When in doubt, throw some string lights into the mix:

String lights are an easy way to up level your winter decor. Choose between clear bulbs or go for a more festive look with multicolor or minis.  Twinkle lights add a relaxing ambiance to your home as well as set the tone for cozy, wintertime relaxation. Next time you snuggle up on the couch and watch a holiday flick, turn on your string lights and prepare to raise the hygge factor in your environment.

Adjust your textiles:

As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop you may find yourself yearning for softer bedding and warm fluffy comforters.  Switch out your summertime linens for thick blankets, sofh throws, area rugs, and bath towels. Layering extra bedding like chunky knits and fuzzy shearing adds warmth and texture to any bedroom.  When updating, choose colors that reflect the vibe of your home. Red and greens are great for a traditional route, while metallics like gold and silver, cream and champagne reflect a perfectly balanced neutral palette.

Add natural details:

Create an eyecatching display with interesting natural elements, like wood, seasonal fruits, and scented candles.  Woven baskets filled with pomegranates, pears, or apples can freshen up coffee and side tables, while ready to crack nuts and dried fruits can do double duty as décor as well as party snacks. Prep and stock your fireplace with ready to use firewood so there are no surprise trips into the cold to bring in kindling.  Not only do artfully stacked logs create a chic display, but it makes it that much easier to sit by the fire on the coldest nights.

Transitioning decor between the seasons shouldn’t cause a headache.  By starting slow and moving room to room, your fall to winter transition will be complete in no time!


  • Dec 28, 2021
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