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Do Hardwood Floors Need to Match Throughout the House?

Hardwood flooring is one of the most common design choices among homeowners. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the color and appearance of hardwood. Adding hardwood to your home is a great way to increase the resale value, improve the aesthetics, and truly transform any space! If your home already has hardwood in one location and you’re looking to add it into another room, does it need to match? There’s no firm yes or no answer, it’s all a matter of opinion. Keep these things in mind when you’re making decisions about rather or not to match the hardwood in your home!

Positives of Matching Hardwood

One of the biggest arguments for matching hardwood throughout the home is how easy it is. You don’t have to worry about successfully pairing different hardwood with what’s already there. If you’re someone who likes simple and easy home improvement, matching hardwood is the natural choice. Hardwood that’s all the same tends to come with a lower price tag too. This is because you’re purchasing a larger volume of one type instead of smaller volumes of multiple different types. The other notable positive that comes with matching hardwood is a home that feels larger. Mismatched hardwood can make a house feel more divided which in turn can make it feel smaller.

The Argument for Mismatched Hardwood

Now that we know the positives that come with matching hardwood, what about the positives that come with mismatched hardwood? By choosing different hardwood for different rooms, you can choose a color and type that best fits the function of that room. For instance, certain hardwood styles look better in a room with lots of natural light. If you carry that hardwood throughout the home into spaces lacking natural light just for the sake of matching, you probably won’t be thrilled with the final product. Choosing different hardwood for different areas of the home also gives you the ability to decorate each room to be truly unique!

Another reason people decide to mismatch the hardwood in their home is because matching is difficult or impossible. If you purchase a home that has existing hardwood in one room, it can be nearly impossible to find the exact same hardwood to put in other areas of the home. You’re more likely to end up with something that’s close to the original, but not quite right. That will end up looking like a design mistake. It’s better to find a different hardwood that’s clearly not trying to match what’s already in the space than to attempt a match and miss the mark.

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