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DAH Inspired by: Northern Lights

While winter may be the coldest season, it also brings forth a sense of magical beauty as the natural world falls into a soft blanket of white, and flames crackle in our fireplaces. In the northern hemisphere, this is the best time of year to experience the phenomenon called “the northern lights.” An aurora of glittering colors, this gorgeous light show typically comes and goes in short bursts, often only lasting a couple of minutes. But, sometimes, that’s all you need for inspiration to strike! Let these vibrant colors influence your home design through complementary floors and wall designs this season.

Winter Color Palettes

We’ve curated a collection of winter-inspired hues that echo the brilliant patterns of the northern lights. From dark velvet blues and true greens to bright oranges and bold purples, this palette creates a cool array of Scandinavian pastels and rich colors that often dominate the winter night sky. Combine these colors with transitional flooring to use on your walls and in your accent furniture so you can achieve a personalized modern minimalism.

Cool Stone Tile

cool stone tile

One of the best ways to achieve a natural wintry look is through cool-toned tile flooring. Floorcraft’s Quartetto in Cobalto Unpolished is the perfect example of such tile with its natural artisan-crafted stone featuring an encaustic texture that adds a subtle pattern to floors, walls, backsplashes, and countertops alike. This Celtic blue color works to bring out gray undertones in your space and pairs well with cool finishes like steel and silver. Elevate your interior design by blending this tile with natural blue accents in your decor to add a splash of color.

Grey-Toned Hardwood

grey-toned hardwood

If you’re leaning more towards a hardwood look this winter, but still want to emphasize cool gray tones, opt for Floorcraft’s Ariela engineered hardwood in Estate. This beautiful white oak, wire-brushed hardwood lends natural beauty to your home that complements rustic and contemporary styles. Featuring a low gloss finish, Ariela hardwood adds a rich sense of character through its striking gray wide plank design.

Brilliantly Bold Plush Carpets

bold plush carpeting

Perhaps you’re searching for a warmer flooring solution in your bedrooms and living rooms during the cold months. If this is the case, check out Hearth & Home’s Fowey II in Treetop a deep green, or the rich colors of the Passages by Tigressa line. Thanks to its textured cut pile construction, the Fowey carpet is more versatile and casual than a regular Saxony carpet but it also doesn’t show footprints or vacuum marks. With enhanced fiber technology, this plush carpet allows for family-fun activities due to its built-in soil, stain, and wear resistance.

Honey-Hued Luxury Vinyl

honey-hued luxury vinyl

On the warmer end of the spectrum, Jade Cove by Downs Life H2O in Moss offers a beautiful honey-hued warm wood option. This luxury vinyl plank features a dent-resistant solid core that’s waterproof so you can install it in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements. This charming rustic wood look showcases unique saw marks and has a traditional warmth that’s sure to spice up any room. 

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