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Best Colors by Flooring Type: Hardwood

Hardwood floors are timeless, beautiful, and come with endless color options. Having hardwood floors that seems to never go out of style make choosing the right color hardwood for your space a challenge. Are there trends to follow? Yes, of course, there are specific hardwood trends to follow in 2021, but colors can also bring a unique personality to your room. As you decide what you want the ambiance of your room to be, the color and wood type can help you communicate it.

Living Dining Room Oak Hardwood Flooring

The Language of Dark Hardwood Floors

Dark hardwood floors and stains have been popular in recent years and are great if you’re looking to sell your home as they increase property value. Darker-colored floors are sophisticated and formal as they add deep contrast to your room. In terms of maintenance, the finish of this flooring can make a big difference. Dark flooring shows scratches, dust, and imperfections more easily. If you are looking for a lower-maintenance option, we recommend a wire-brushed finish with a clear coat—especially if you have furry friends at home.

Dark Hardwood Flooring Living Room

On the Contrast

Light-colored wood and stains offer a subtler, casual style. A light color will open up your space and make it feel larger and airy, which allows the focal point of the room to shift. Instead of the floors being the center of attention, the décor and details of the room become the main attraction. Light-colored floors are also easier to take care of as they hide imperfections and dirt more easily. Plus, they reflect light instead of absorbing it, which adds a feeling of openness to your space.

Living Room Bedroom Light Hardwood Flooring

Somewhere in the Middle

Of course, on the spectrum of color, there are so many options that fall between light and dark. Perhaps you are looking for an option that doesn’t feel so dramatic but still offers some contrast and texture to your space. Medium-colored woods such as honey-gold browns or antique chestnuts can be great options that aren’t closely associated with a trend and give you a safe, more traditional look.  

Loft Chestnut Hardwood Flooring

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