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The perfect remedy to a long day is to sink into your comforter and let any stress slip away. Your bedroom floor should be just as soft and snug as your bed itself. Here’s how to create a cozy, carpeted oasis in your bedroom.

Carpet is the ideal flooring plan for a master bedroom for a lot of reasons. Carpets are inherently insulating and can ensure that when you take your first steps in the morning, you're greeted with a soft, warm touch. Plus, you aren’t in danger of taking a tumble since they’re non-slip. Carpets also help dampen sound so that your bedroom becomes a silent sanctuary perfect for sleeping. Also, they come in a variety of styles that are guaranteed to fit your bedroom’s flair.

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Consider Bedroom Carpet Materials

Let’s dive into which type of carpet is best for your home. One of the biggest draws of carpet is the look and feel of its texture. There are four main kinds of fibers.

  1. Wool: Coming from sheep, this naturally elastic carpet can withstand the test of time and heavy foot traffic. This is typically more expensive than the other options listed below but has long been popular as it’s known to last longer.

  2. Nylon: As the most durable synthetic carpeting option, it is stain-resistant and holds the color of the carpet well. This is the most popular fiber on the market today.

  3. Polyester: Vibrant colors won’t fade on this hypoallergenic fiber, and it is soft to the touch.

  4. Olefin: While the other options listed above fare better in terms of durability, don’t write off this fiber. It is stain- and moisture-resistant.

bedroom carpet materials

Think About Your Bedroom’s Design Style

Next, think about the style of your bedroom. You will want something that complements your existing design but still achieves that cozy feeling.

  • If you like to frequently change up your room or prefer a more muted look, neutral carpeting is the way to go. You could also go with a more textured style for your neutral carpet to help diversify your flooring from other rooms in your home.

  • Want to push the envelope even more? Don’t shy away from patterns or bold, bright colors. While it is definitely a louder option, it can help make your space feel more authentically you. At the end of the day, your bedroom is your home within your home—mark your territory by allowing the area to capture your personality.

  • You also will want to consider the amount of space that your bedroom furniture takes up. To enlarge a small room with carpeting, we recommend choosing between either a pale color, which can make your space look brighter, or linear stripes, which give the illusion of the room being longer. If you feel swallowed in your large room, we recommend looking at a variety of dark-color carpeting, which can help make your bedroom feel smaller and more intimate.

  • If you love carpet but aren’t ready to fully commit, or if you already have carpeting and are looking to add more, consider adding an area rug to your bedroom. This statement rug can help add to your homey feel while achieving the beloved soft feeling of carpet.

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