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You don’t need a professional decorator or a degree in design to transform your space into something you’ll love. Use these tips for creating beauty to transform any room in your house:

Declutter: A simple and free way to make any room more beautiful is to eliminate clutter. A room with fewer items lets the natural lines of the architecture shine through. Clean out your space, sell or donate anything you don’t love and use regularly, or find hidden storage spaces for what you want to keep. You’ll uncover a more lovely space.

  1. Use light: Lighting creates the illusion of space, so integrate more of it by leaving windows open and using large mirrors in your home to reflect light and make any room look larger. Choosing paler colors for walls, ceilings or floors can also help reflect light and make rooms look bigger.

  2. Play with color: Add bright pops of color to your rooms with rugs, slipcovers, large artwork, throw pillows, curtains and other inexpensive additions. You can also paint molding, walls or ceilings in bright colors that go with your wood floors. Consider choosing one or two complementary colors to add to each room to create a vivid but not busy space.

  3. Add texture: Nubby fabrics, linen or lace window coverings, feather lamps, cashmere throws, faux fur rugs, leather, and other textured materials can create visual interest and add tactile elements to your room. Experiment by mixing and matching different textures in one space.

  4. Bring in some nature: Plants and fresh flowers make your rooms smell and look instantly better. Having flowering plants in your room can even help freshen the air. Look for beautiful pots and vases to showcase your green thumb.

  5. Try new arrangements: Whether you collect artwork, love seashells or take photos, chances are your home is filled with things you love. Experiment by arranging your possessions in new ways, then step back and take a photo. Comparing photos of different arrangements lets you see what looks best.

  6. Pay attention to your floors: Flooring is truly the aesthetic foundation for the whole room. Whether you choose luxury vinyl, hardwood, carpet, tile or any other surface, carefully consider which flooring helps you create the look you want.

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