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About Decorative Beams

Decorative beams have become popular in new construction and renovations of homes and commercial spaces. Reclaimed from cabins aged anywhere between 200-300 years old, our oak beams bring you that popular rustic addition to your home. All four faces of our salvaged beams show old chop marks, mortise pockets, and other unique character marks that only reclaimed beams have after withstanding the test of time. Hand hewing is an ancient method used to prepare beams for timber framing. Hewn wooden surfaces like these beams lend a rugged yet distinguished look to traditional, modern and rustic interiors. 

The reclaimed look is high in demand in new housing and renovation projects. Interiors with reclaimed elements add an authentic warm atmosphere to the overall feel of the room. We now deal our reclaimed antique beams through an exclusive dealer in Houston, Texas Treads. Please contact Texas Treads for pricing and quotes.


  • Lengths:8-27 feet
  • Widths:6"-12"
  • Thicknesses:6"-12"
  • Type:Nonstructural/Decorative
  • Species:Oak
  • Past Life:200-300 year old barns and cabins along the East Coast