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What’s the Best Type of Carpet for Stairs?

Stairs get the most foot traffic of any area in your home. Oftentimes, they get worn down from all the noisy feet going up and down them –not to mention, they can sometimes be slippery, causing accidents. Carpeting your stairs can solve all these issues and look great. But the wrong carpet choice can actually make your stairs more slip prone. So how do you choose the best carpet for stairs? Here are a few important considerations:


First, you’ll want to make sure you choose an option that’s slip-free. You don’t want the carpet to become an unwanted bumpy slide the second you put socks on. To ensure that your carpet is stable underfoot, look for ones with a thickness of .75" or less. Another important component of stability is choosing thin, firm carpet pads to go under the carpet. We get the appeal of thick, cushiony carpet pads—and they’re great in other areas of your home—but on your stairs, you need the stable footing that a thin carpet pad provides.

stability on stairs


The second thing you should consider is durability. You’ll want to make sure your choice of carpet will be able to take the beating it’s sure to get. A little bit of wear and tear is always expected, but choosing a carpet with the right material can help mitigate the damage. Look for carpets made of continuous filament. This means the whole carpet is made from one long piece of fiber, so it sheds less than its alternative, staple yarns. This shedding can be an issue for people with allergies or asthma, so opt for a continuous filament carpet if that’s a concern for you.

Stain Resistance

You may claim your house is a “no-shoe household,” but when you’re late, rushing up the stairs to grab your wallet, that rule doesn’t really apply. That’s why you should make sure you choose a stain-resistant carpet. This means carefully considering the color of the carpet in addition to the carpet material. In terms of color, we recommend choosing darker neutrals, heathered shades, and patterned carpets to hide those inevitable specks of dirt. When selecting the carpet material, opt for wool or synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, and Triexta. These synthetic fibers are stain-resistant and water, mold, and mildew-resistant. Triexta, a modern manufactured material, has these pros in addition to being less expensive than nylon and having a softer feel underfoot than nylon and polyester. So, whether your toddler spills their juice while going up the stairs or your dog decides to mark his territory, you’ll be covered—or at least your stairs will be.

stain resistant rugs on stairs 

Wall-to-Wall or Decorative Runner?

Depending on the state of your stairs, you might want to opt for more or less carpet coverage. If your stairs aren’t in great shape, a good wall-to-wall carpet covers the stairs nicely. But, if you have beautiful hardwood stairs you just want to spruce up, consider a stair runner.


One of the latest carpet trends for stairs is stripes—especially if you have a curved staircase. Stripes emphasize the shape of curved staircases and liven up straight staircases. Another option to make your stairs stand out is choosing a bright, warm color. Remember, your staircase is one of the first things guests see when you welcome them into your home.

 style of stair carpeting

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