Wood Floor Aluminum Oxide Finished

Choosing your wood floor can be a complex and complicated series of decisions as everything from wood type, grain pattern, installation method, and flooring finish have to be decided on. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be guesswork, and this article is here to help.

The debate continues to rage about buying pre-finished boards or opting to finish them yourself and while there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, for most folks the answer should be simple. In a nutshell: Buy pre-finished boards…and here’s why.

  • Less work more progress.

Installing a new floor is already chaotic enough without adding to it the need to treat each and every board with a protective coat, not to mention having to sand every single piece. When buying pre-finished you individual pieces are uniform and and can even come with pre-beveled edges. Pre-finished also gives you the chance to order boards that are under a manufacturer’s warranty.

  • A better finish for your investment

Pre-finished flooring uses aluminum-oxide urethane coatings. This incredible product is used as a standard on pre-finished boards and will last both longer and more effectively than a polyurethane coating. Anywhere from 20-25 years is standard with an aluminum-oxide coating, compared to only 10 years with a buyer-coated polyurethane.

Here are 3 quick responses to common questions about pre-finished flooring:

  • Do I need to paint on my own special coating when the boards arrive? No need, the factory does it for you.
  • Do I need to sand the boards like with un-finished flooring? No, they come pre-sanded.
  • Which has easier installation? Though floor specific, pre-finished avoids the issues of toxic staining chemicals, lung clogging dust from sanding, and the frustrating waiting period between installation and use–there is none!
  • Are there any drawbacks to pre-finished flooring? Repair and maintenance can be harder, but also won’t likely be as needed.

All things considered, pre-finished flooring is a great option for most home or business owners and lets them enjoy a beautiful floor with a great protective covering on it with easier installation.