Sports Flooring Hardwood

Are you in the Dallas,  Fort Worth, Plano or Denton, Texas area and planning on replacing your gym floor? Unsure which materials best fit your needs and is optimal for the job? You’re not alone. The world of sport flooring can be a murky and vague ground full of drummed-up marketing, so-so deals, and a host of options. This article is here to help you make a decision you’ll love by showcasing useful information relating to the “big three” of flooring options: vinyl, rubber, and wood. Let’s get to it!


1. Rubber flooring allows easily installation and quick repair for problems that may arise.

Usually rolled out much like carpet, this ground cover comes in varying thicknesses to best fit your sports flooring needs, and is also available in interlocking grids depending on manufacturer. The beauty of rubber flooring lies in the slight ‘give’ it will have when something contacts it. This makes it perfect for volleyball or other activities that require participants contacting the floor regularly. Because of this, rubber also holds a slight safety edge over the other two materials options.

  1. Wood flooring has a long and honorable history in gyms across the nation, and even

with the excellent modern alternatives for sports usage, still has a nostalgic magic with the hardwood surface. A high quality, properly installed wooden surface will provide exceptional stiffness, which makes wood a favorite for basketball gyms worldwide. The treated surface also gives good traction for well-soled sneakers. It’s a long time favorite and a great choice for any gym’s floor.

  1. Vinyl is a solid all-around, varying hardness, plastic floor covering. It comes in both

rolls, like the rubber flooring, or interlocking puzzle-like pieces. Vinyl allows the most flexibility in color, design, and overall scheme variance. The firm plastic material gives options for faux wood styles or even a brightly colored sheen. Installation is relatively simple and vinyl is much cheaper to use as compared to wood.A common misperception of these flooring options is that it’s for purely commercial use–when the reality is that residential usage is not all that uncommon. Don’t be afraid to consider a new floor, even if you don’t own a gym! Whether it’s for a personal workout room, dance room, or even garage floor, these different flooring materials see a myriad of great uses by home or small business owners.When deciding which flooring material is the best choice for you, price, installation ease, and the purpose of the flooring, are your primary concerns. Each of these floors has its unique pros and cons relating to those attributes, be sure to examine them carefully!