Prefinished Wood Floors

Texas best factory finished wood flooring with aluminum oxide, in hickory, oak, maple, and hand scraped.

Prefinished wood floors have their protective coating added to them at the factory, under  controlled conditions, and in an excellent environment.

Advantages of Prefinished Flooring

Durability: Factories have access to very powerful chemical sealers, which are put on by commercial processes that are not accessible to on site installers. Due to the use of stronger chemical sealers the wood is more resistant to stains, moisture, and changes in color. While most applied finishes warranty for about 3-5 years, factory applied treatments will usually bear warranties of 5 – 25 years (in some cases even more).

Installation: When it comes to prefinished wood, the installation is quite rapid and easy, as opposed to unfinished wood which requires sanding (which can take hours or even days, and leaves a strong odor and a large amount of dust). Pre-finished floors are ready to use as soon as they are installed.

Preservation: Due to the fact that, the surface seal is stronger when applied at the factory, the preservation and maintenance of prefinished wood is quite simple. Prefinished wood is resistant to stains, moisture, and changes in color. The treatment lasts longer on prefinished wood; this lets the consumer avoid the expenses of getting their floors refinished a few years later.

Disadvantages of Prefinished Flooring

  • Joints: Joints are commonly referred to as “Seams”. Due to the fact that, the material is finished at the factory, the sealing agent is not fastened on between the planks when they are installed. This can cause dirt and crud to get caught in-between the seams. The seams may also be vulnerable to water diffusion.
  • Refinishing: Although there is no need for the floors to be refinished for quite a long time, ultimately the surface seal will start to lose color, scratch, and other discoloration. Due to the thick characteristic of the prefinished coat, this requires the person to sand down deeper into the material in order to reach the original wood again.
  • Prefinished wood is strong and sturdy because of the available chemical sealers, and techniques only factories have access to. The installation and the preservation of the wood is much easier than unfinished wood, but some of its pros are also its cons. Because the material is finished at the factory, the sealing agent is not fastened on between the planks when they are installed this can lead to dirt, and crud getting in between the seams. Although it will take a very long time until one would have to refinish the wood, it would be a harder process than unfinished wood. Yet still the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.